How to Infuse Humor Into Public Speaking 

Written by Kim Tipton

Published on July 24, 2019

Public speaking comes naturally to some but for others, it takes guidance, strategy, and lots of practice. Today we’re covering how to keep your audience’s attention and the importance of infusing humor into your public speaking. If you’re interested in adding public speaking to your resume continue reading because we have some pretty awesome nuggets to share today. 

Speaking often becomes a part of the entrepreneurship journey because many want to learn from successful business owners who proceed them. Last week our TSP Mastermind Executive Coach Stephanie Rollins interviewed comedian and public speaker expert Mike Goodwin and he shared his top ways to engage and keep people interested in your talks.


Here’s what you should know about Mike Goodwin: 

Mike Goodwin is a refreshingly funny comedian, speaker, and leader. His signature bowtie represents his expectation-defying brand of comedy that leaves a variety of audiences – from churches to corporate events to swanky galas – laughing hysterically and completely inspired, without a foul or vulgar word spoken.

A native of Camden, South Carolina, holds a master’s degree in Education from the University of South Carolina, is a veteran of the U.S. Army, and a former secondary and higher education professional. He infuses his varied life experiences into his act, making him relatable to audiences from all walks of life.

Using his ability to merge leadership and laughter, Mike is a powerful communicator whose primary goal is to leave places and people better than he found them.  

A southern gentleman with a curious mind, love for people and heart for God, Mike “The Bowtie” Goodwin is in a class all his own. He resides in Columbia, SC with his beautiful wife Rozalynn and their two children.


In this article: 

  1. Don’t Telegraph Your Humor
  2. Use Funny slides or videos
  3. Use Stories 
  4. Study Speakers and Comedians 


Don’t Telegraph Your Humor

Keep in mind that you are not a stand-up comedian and you shouldn’t try to be one. Don’t make this over the top. Most of all, you want to be yourself. Try not to make announcements like “I have something funny to share” or “this is about to be really funny.” People automatically become judges and this sets the expectation for something extremely funny. 

Instead, you want to ask questions like, “Are you ready to have a good time today?” If you have a joke, just say the joke without a disclaimer. Don’t look for laughs but check for head nods or smiles. 


Use Funny Slides or Videos

How to infuse humor into public speaking
Add funny pictures and GIFs to your slides. This infuses humor without actually using words. Make them relatable by using a picture that everyone can correlate with. This will loosen up the audience and they become comfortable and connect with you. 

Use Stories 

People seem to resonate more when you share personal stories. You can share something about you or someone you know. Stories allow you to leverage the emotions of your audience. Keep in mind that you are not a comedian. It’s okay to be transparent but you aren’t obligated to share everything. Don’t overthink it. 


Study Comedians 

Lastly, take some time to study comedians and other speakers in your niche. This is good for learning what works and what doesn’t when trying to relate with your audience. Don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo. Include funny words and relatable phrases. Your ultimate goal is to keep everyone’s attention. 


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Written by Kim Tipton

Published on July 24, 2019

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