How to Stop Being the Bottleneck in Your Business

Written by Lamar Tyler

Published on August 4, 2016

[If you’re feeling overwhelmed in your business right now, this post is for you. Below, I’ve outlined  some immediate things you can do stop being the bottleneck in your business].

Business is booming. Clients are happy and there’s money in the bank.

Until the phone starts ringing off the hook, your product launch needs modifying, you forgot to do your social media posts AND your 2 o’clock meeting got moved up to 12 noon (and it’s already 11am).

Are the tears welling up yet?

I can tell you from personal experience that once your business gets off the ground and gains some level of stability, the feeling is more than accomplishment, it’s assurance. It’s a confidence boost letting you know that your idea, your plan, YOUR strategy worked…just like you knew it would. And now everyone else knows it too.

If this is you, let me be the first to say congratulations! I know exactly where you are and what it took to get to this point, so again, salute.


If this is you, you’re probably noticing that you’re doing more jobs than you have descriptions for. You’ve become your own bottleneck. You’re doing product creation, accounting, social media, customer service, marketing, event planning and everything else that comes to your door.

So, you’re ready to make your first hire?

This is pretty much inevitable when you’re first starting your business but eventually, you’ll have to let go of some things to make room for more. More products, more opportunities and MORE money.

Now before you go and transition from a one man band to an assembly line, I’d like you to consider a few things.

By reading below, you’ll discover if you are actually ready to bring on new people to support your vision.

I want to help you stop being your own bottleneck. It may be hard to let go at first but once you do, you’ll never look back.

Consider these three things before deciding to bring on a new hire:

1). If you want to stop being a bottleneck, make sure they have a successful track record with managing the job you want to hire them for. Ask what platforms are they knowledgeable in and are they familiar with the latest trends in the field.

It’s bad for business when you discover your new hire doesn’t actually know how to do the job you hired them for. So before you send them over a contract, ask them to send you some work samples.

If you’re looking for a social media hire, ask them to submit some successful campaigns they’ve done in the past. If you’re looking for content writers, inquire about their portfolios and published work.

Gathering this information will help make your hiring decision a little easier.

You’ll also want to know if they have the ability to trouble shoot issues. This is an important skill to have if/whenever you’re not there to put out fires. You want to leave someone in charge that’s reliable as well as competent.

2). Make sure they’re able to implement strategies to help grow your business and help you achieve your goals.

Of course most of these will come from you but it’s also good to ask your new hire about some of their own ideas that may be good to incorporate into the business.

3). Make sure you have a system of metrics in place to track their progress and area of improvements.

[Tweet “Whenever you implement something new into your business, track and document it!”]

I’m a fan of systems. It’s much easier to regularly document and track your job responsibilities for future employees to learn from, than it is to manually teach every new hire the same things over and over again because you didn’t take time to document and store everything you were doing.

Eventually, you should be positioning every role in your company, so that anyone could come in, read and study the job duties/responsibilities first and then follow-up with a secondary training.

You might be a bottleneck now but if you delegate and manage the aspects of your business the right way, you won’t be for long.

These are some of my best explanations for relieving the bottleneck syndrome . Remember, YOU are the core of your business. Trust me, you have what it takes to score on all your goals.

Now on a sheet of paper, write down three things that you can remove from your business to-list and delegate to someone else.

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See you soon!


Written by Lamar Tyler

Published on August 4, 2016

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