How to Sale 100,000 Books on Amazon

Written by Kim Tipton

Published on September 20, 2019

Amazon is one of the worlds largest search engines after Google. People are more likely to search Amazon for information before going to YouTube. This is why it is important to have your products available on this platform. Today we’re going to talk about the key steps needed to maximize profit on Amazon and why you should be using this generate more revenue for your business.

Last week our founder Lamar Tyler sat down for a quick chat with published author Crystal Swain- Bates to find out how she managed to sale over 100,000 books on Amazon. Keep reading for more information.


Here’s what you should know about Crystal Swain- Bates:

Crystal Swain-Bates is a celebrated children’s book author on a mission to positively reshape the way children of color all over the world see themselves. Fed up with the lack of black children’s books on the market, Crystal founded Goldest Karat Publishing in order to address the lack of diversity in children’s literature.

With over 100,000 books sold, Crystal and her books have been featured in Forbes, CNN, Essence, the Huffington Post, and used as props on popular television shows. Known as a “Diversity Publishing Pro”, Crystal regularly consults with major publishing platforms such as Amazon and Ingram on how aspiring underrepresented authors can leverage those platforms to find success. She offers done-for-you publishing services and courses to authors who want to bring their books to life through self-publishing.

A native of Atlanta, GA, Crystal holds a Master’s degree in International Affairs and is an avid world traveler.


How to Sale 100,000 book on Amazon:

  1. More Content
  2. Increase Average Order Value
  3. Visibility

How to Sale 100,000 Books on Amazon

More Content

Crystal wrote and published 6 books in her first year as a writer. I’m not saying that you need to publish 6 books but the more content you have the better. This allows you to reach your ideal audience more. Don’t focus so much on the dollar amount in the beginning. Focus more on creating more content and the money will come. The key is consistency. Stay current with your materials and consistently find ways to reach your readers. Build a solid community and team around your brand.

Discover what is trending in your niche on Amazon and create something similar to sale and add to your bundle offer.

Increase Average Order Value

After you have created your content find ways to bundle your products in order to increase the average order value. In the interview, Crystal mentioned that she would bundle 3 to 4 book or sale 2 for a certain price. This increases revenue and adds value to your products. Upsales, cross-sales, and down sales are awesome ways to increase sales as well. Do your research and find ways to put more products into the hands of consumers.


Connecting and building relationships is the name of the game. Reach out to influencers and send them a free copy of your book. This is a great option for increasing exposure and building your audience. Don’t count out the small influencers because they have a high chance of growing.

When posting content be sure to use trending keywords.


If you’re considering writing and publishing a book. Please be sure to join Crystal’s 5 Day Start Your Bestselling Book Challenge. Click here to Join now:


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Written by Kim Tipton

Published on September 20, 2019

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