Winning With Facebook Ads on Black Friday

Winning With Facebook Ads on Black Friday

Written by Kim Tipton

Published on November 26, 2019

Black Friday is the biggest day for most businesses in the nation. This one day can either make or break your business depending on how you position your campaigns and marketing efforts. This year we are here to help you make your Black Friday the best day for your business. Use the following tips to leverage more sales and grow the overall profit in your business this year. Keep in mind that these tips are universal and can be used throughout the year. Also, be sure to check out the TSP Black Friday Checklist for free!

What you should know about our expert: 

Imagine how liberating it would feel to have a business that generates consistent and meaningful leads and sales – without needing to waste your time and money attempting to “figure it out”. Chances are this would rekindle your love affair with your business. Everyone knows when leads and sales are abundant – running a business is fun but when leads and sales are nonexistent or sporadic running a business becomes your own personal nightmare.

Terry Foster is the man behind helping hundreds of business owners fall back in love with their business by helping them generate leads and sales via effective and profitable paid media buying strategies.

Since 2016, Terry’s agency Terry Foster Consulting has managed over $10 million dollars of ad spend resulting in over $50 million dollars of sales. Terry is most proud of helping 9 different businesses exceed $1 million dollars of sales in a calendar year.

Terry’s Winning With Facebook Ads on Black Friday: 

1.  Plan in advance

2. Have a great offer

3. Leverage warm audiences

Plan in advance

If you’ve been reading our past blogs you should know that there is money in planning ahead. You can’t wait until the last minute when it comes to planning for Black Friday. You actually should start a year in advance but if you’re late don’t punish yourself. Do what you can now and work on creating a more proactive plan for 2020.

Keep a log of all lessons learned from previous sales and use this information to map out the perfect plan for your Black Friday sale. Seek knowledge from other successful businesses in your niche. Lastly, research what other businesses are offering to inspire your offer. 

Have a great offer

Your Black Friday offer should not be your typical offer. This offer should be so irresistible that your customers feel the need to buy. Yes, the profit margins will be lower than normal but keep in mind that this is only once a year. Some sales can lead to more depending on how you upsell or cross-sale. Use Black Friday sales as a lead magnet and retarget those buyers. 

Leverage warm audiences

If you already have a growing customer base use them as a target. Retargeting is king during the Black Friday season. Target the customers that are buying now and focus on cold audiences later. Warn audiences are more willing to buy because they already know and trust your brand. Prior to entering Black Friday start email campaigns that nurture your audience and keep them engaged. 

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Written by Kim Tipton

Published on November 26, 2019

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