The Guru Formula: How to Turn Your Knowledge Into Income

The Guru Formula: How to Turn Your Knowledge Into Income

Written by Kim Tipton

Published on December 13, 2019

Many of you have been asked to share your secrets or knowledge as to how you’ve managed to be so successful in your business. With the help of our brand expert Jai Stone we’re going to dive into how you can take what you’ve learned over the years and use it as another stream of income in your business. 

Here’s what you should know about today’s expert: 

Jai Stone is an award-winning master brand strategist, best-selling author, saucy speaker and social media superhero with over 50k online followers. As one of the most respected voices of influence online, Jai’s thought-provoking content has been featured on Forbes, BET, Huffington Post, ESPN, Black Enterprise and Essence Magazine. 

Jai prides herself on being a no fluff, no bull, business who offers cutting-edge strategies to help entrepreneurs grow their business, their brand, and their bank account. 

Jai’s Guru Formula: 

  1. Your brain is bankable
  2. The BIG ask (what is the most common thing people ask you to help with)
  3. What problem can you solve
  4. Reverse engineer YOUR process
  5. Selling your knowledge in different ways

Your brain is bankable

Are you aware that you can actually make money off what you know? You can take what you’re good at and use what you know to make money and grow your business. If you haven’t by now start documenting every process and procedure in your business. Keep a personal log of things you learn throughout your business. 

The BIG ask 

Think of that question you receive the most about your business. This is your “big ask”. Keep in mind that in most cases the big ask is not necessarily a skill set but a gift. Your gift is something that comes naturally. Jai believes that be Guru formula is: 

Skill + Gift = Guru 

In order to become a guru, you need to have tangible measurable results. You have to prove to others that you have the expertise to claim this title.  

What problem can you solve

In order to claim the guru status, you need the ability to solve a problem for your perfect avatar. So take some time to define the problem you can resolve. Once you find the solutions you position yourself as the expert in your field.  

Reverse engineer YOUR process

What is your secret formula? What works well for your business? What hasn’t worked for your business? Take all these things into account when documenting your processes. You want to record the good and the bad. Keep these details in mind when teaching others what you’ve learned. 

Selling your knowledge in different ways

Lastly, you want to take your knowledge and sell it in multiple formats. Write a book, create a course, administer trainings, and create lots of content. These things will position you as an expert/ guru. 

For more information on this topic check out The GURU Formula: Convert Your Knowledge Into Cash (Video Training) by Jai Stone. 

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Written by Kim Tipton

Published on December 13, 2019

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