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3 Ways to Increase Repeat Customers to Double Revenue

3 Ways to Increase Repeat Customers to Double Revenue

Written by Kim Tipton

Published on May 11, 2019

The marketplace is constantly changing and this will more than likely force you to make changes in your business as well. In order to generate or increase revenue, you have to build an audience that has a need for your product or service. Last week we interviewed the CEO and founder of Sassy Jones Boutique, Charis Jones. She gave us her top three ways to increase repeat customer to double revenue.

Here what you should know about Charis:

Charis Jones created an award-winning accessory brand deeply rooted in the belief of helping women feel undeniably confident about themselves. After ranking as a top sales professional for  Fortune 50 companies like Verizon and Geico, she left her corporate position to build her brand full time at the most inconvenient life stage: after becoming a twin mom.

Through much perseverance and persistence, today Sassy Jones has become a multimillion brand in just 1 year, earning 2018 Mogul of The Year, 2018 National Association Of Women Business Owners ‘Rising Star’ Award, Traffic Sales & Profit ‘Freedom Award’ while boasting a 72% 30-Day Customer Return Rate. Currently, the brand has built of multi-channel shopping experience including a mobile app, a thriving e-commerce division, a rapidly growing subscription revenue model and a flagship brick and mortar based in Richmond, VA where she currently lives.

3 Ways to Increase Repeat Customers to Double Revenue

In this article:


      1. Retargeting
      2. Building community
      3. Keys to Customer Service



Establishing a reputable brand is key in any market. Try to keep your focus on creating the ideal customer base and building lasting relationships with them. If you’re currently working a corporate job or a 9 to 5, take note of things that may apply in your personal business. Use what you already know and apply it to your business. Keep in mind that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your business.

Once you build a solid customer base you’re now able to double revenue with the same customers through retargeting. Utilize email marketing, SMS, and Facebook Lives to connect with your customers on a personal level.


Building a Community


It typically takes a customer more than 20 times of interacting with your brand to make a final buying decision. This decision is boosted when your customer feels like they know who you are can trust you. In order to have repeat customers, you have to build trust with your current and soon to be customers. Create a community around your brand. Show your customer that their opinion matters by collecting live reviews and asking probing questions. This will give you insight into the exact needs of your customer while creating a personalized experience for them.

3 Ways to Increase Repeat Customers to Double Revenue

Keys to Customer Service


The most important key to customer service is having an irresistible offer. Give your customers a reason to come back and purchase with you. Offer special promotions and create a rewards program for repeat customers. Constantly show the value in your product or service. Teach your customer exactly how to use your product through live training and video marketing. Ultimately you want to make each customer feel like they are experiencing something exclusive.


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Written by Kim Tipton

Published on May 11, 2019

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