How to Leverage Black Friday to Generate Income Throughout the Year

How to Leverage Black Friday to Generate Income Throughout the Year

Written by Kim Tipton

Published on December 13, 2018

Today, along with our Facebook Ads expert Terry Foster, we’re going to take a look into How to Leverage Black Friday Black Friday to Generate Income Throughout the Year. Terry is giving us a bird’s eye view of what made his clients’ Black Friday successful and how you can take these things and implement them in your business for months after Black Friday.


What you will learn:

  1. What you should know prior to Black Friday
  2. Why you should start your Black Friday planning early
  3. How much should you spend on Ads
  4. Facebook Algorithms
  5. Follow Count Vs. Revenue
  6. Running a Successful Ad on a Small Budget


Let’s learn more about Terry Foster:    

Terry Foster is the founder of Terry Foster Consulting Services. His company specializes in Facebook advertising – serving clients across the nation. Terry has managed over five million dollars in ad spend for clients resulting in over  $15 million dollars of online sales.

Terry is most passionate about working with black-owned businesses that are promoting products and services that uplift the black community.


What you should know prior to Black Friday

Many companies go into this season with the same mindset. This will make it a little difficult for some smaller business to make an impact during Black Friday weekend. The most important thing for you and your business is to remain consistent no matter what is going on in the market. There will always be some element of competition so be sure to plan with that expectation in mind. You will have to spend almost double to gain the exposure needed to get your ads seen.

Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare for Black Friday. Build your audience and nurture them at least 2-3 months in advance. The key is having an amazing offer, retargeted audience, and specific creativity around your offer. If you are able to get your ads seen at a reasonable price that can lead to big success. Getting the right message out to your audience is vital.

Why You Should Start Your Black Friday Planning Early:

Research your audience in advance and segment different audiences so you’re not totally relying on hitting a possible cold audience.  If you are investing months prior to Black Friday you can forecast what your return on investment will be. Run ads in advance to build your audience because this will create more opportunity. You now have people who are interested in what you offer and you can retarget them. The bigger your audience the better your chances are of generating income.

How much should you spend on Facebook Ads

How to Leverage Black Friday to Generate Income Throughout the Year

Running ads, like most things, take time to perfect. A lot of people think that running Facebook ads is a quick fix and will change things overnight but that isn’t how it works. Businesses aren’t built overnight and Facebook ads won’t dramatically change your business overnight.

In terms of Black Friday ads, you need to be more aggressive. As mentioned before there are a lot of companies with the same marketing plans during this time of year. What makes yours stand out?

Again, be sure to plan ahead and invest more in your November ads versus September and October. This is when the opportunity is going to be the highest.  

Facebook Algorithm 

You should think of Facebook as a business. Facebook knows if advertisers spend a thousand dollars or ten dollars a day in advertising. During Black Friday Facebook algorithm’s will lean more towards the company spending more money because they more likely to invest in more ads after black Friday. There is a method behind the madness. The ad with the most ad spend will show up at the top on newsfeeds and reach more customers.

Follow Count Vs. Revenue

A small percentage of your budget should go to generating more followers on social media. Page likes do not equate to revenue. It does help in terms of social reputation. If someone goes to your page and they don’t see any likes, they’ll be less likely to buy. If you do create an ad to increase your follower count, be sure to keep the copy short and simple. Tell them what type of people like your page and what benefit they will receive when liking your page. If you’re working with a small budget you can also consider running a contest or raffle off something for free.

Running a Successful Ad on a Small Budget:

Not all businesses have millions of dollars to spend on ads. You don’t need big bucks to run successful ads. You will need patience and time to create the perfect ad for your business. It will take time to create that sweet spot and capitalize on your investment. If your ads are working at twenty dollars a day, reinvest some of that money back into your ads so you can increase your budget.

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How to Leverage Black Friday to Generate Income Throughout the Year

Written by Kim Tipton

Published on December 13, 2018

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