About TSP

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re still working a day job and running your business on the side, you’ve been your own boss for years, or you’ve just come up with the idea for your business, there are always small tweaks or big changes you can make to improve our bottom line. TSP provides the fundamentals and advanced strategies to help you do just that.


 Traffic Sales & Profit (TSP) is a success formula, pure and simple. We provide surefire systems and strategies to take your online profits to the next level. We teach entrepreneurs in different niches and markets how to generate profit with ease and in little time-regardless of their email lists sizes and their start-up budgets.


We focus on online technology. This is all just as applicable for a brick-and-mortar businesses, like a local restaurant, physicians’ office, or tutoring service, as it is for the entrepreneur creating digital products or starting an online boutique. TSP also offers coaching of consulting services for people all over the world.

Meet Our Team

Lamar Tyler


Ronnie Tyler


Kai Williams

TSP Mastermind Program Manager

Lee Chapman

Customer Service Support

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Social Media Manager

Verónica Encinas

Web Developer