5 Ways to Quickly Monetize Your Service-Based Business With YouTube

Written by Stephanie Rollins

Published on August 29, 2018

Most service-based businesses feel like they don’t get enough love, they feel like they need encouragement, more resources, and support. Many of them have a YouTube channel but most aren’t actively using or promoting their channel to generate revenue. We recently did an interview with Calvin Russell Jr, the CEO and founder of 850 Credit Club, where he was able to identify Ways to Quickly Monetize Your Serviced-Based Business with YouTube.

How many of you reading this are still working a nine to five and want to become full-time entrepreneurs? If that’s you, keep reading to gain insight into how you can leverage YouTube to grow your business.


1. Create a Consistent Schedule and Marketing Plan

Create a regular posting schedule and map out the best days and times for your Youtube videos. Implement a social media strategy that includes a calendar, email marketing, and a 3rd party platform for auto posting. Focus on growing your presence on social media and use the link to your channel in your bios.  

Research other successful Youtube influencers with similar content to find out what they are doing. Design a marketing plan. Designing and executing a marketing plan will keep you consistent while simultaneously growing your audience.  

The use of automation features like Buffer, Hootsuite, SocialPilot, and SocialOomph will save time and help with consistency.


2. Connect Your YouTube Channel to AdSense to Generate Revenue

Create an AdSense account. With AdSense, you essentially give Google permission to pay you. The setup is free and easy. Once you connect AdSense to your channel, you have to meet YouTube’s threshold to start monetizing your channel. That is either 4,000 total views overall or 1,000 subscribers.


3. Add Tags, Titles and Affiliate Links In Your Description

Another way to monetize your channel quickly is to utilize affiliate links. A great place to start is CJ.com (commission junction). Then of course Amazon affiliate programs.

Include a very detailed description; incorporate details about any products you’re using and links to those products in the description. This will increase exposure and brand awareness. You have to strategize and take advantage of the description section. This is also a great opportunity to grow your email list by including a free lead magnet in your description (e-book). Don’t forget to mention promotions and sales.

In addition, you want to add corresponding tags in the description. Add Tags that are related to your content (Example: For a clothing store use the tag Fashion). If your content is about makeup include tags related to makeup like L’Oreal or MAC. People searching for that particular topic will find your channel.

The titles and the tags have limits. The title has a 100 character limit, the tags have a 500 character limit, but the description is unlimited.


4. Repurpose Content

Don’t recreate the wheel. Gather content from your blog, Facebook or Instagram to repurpose as YouTube videos. Look for videos that you’ve already created (Facebook and Instagram lives). Download your Facebook live videos and upload them to your YouTube channel. Visit www.fbdown.net for more details about repurposing your live videos. Use this content to start your channel.


5. Collaborate

Create a list of 10-20 brands and influencers that you love. Write it down. Design the perfect pitch. Map out a plan for when you want to contact them and go for it! Collaborations are great for growing your audience and building brand awareness.

Use these tips to help you begin the process of creating your money making YouTube channel. Keep in mind that money should not be the reason you began.  Creating a YouTube channel is absolutely free. Trust the process and keep pushing towards your goals.

I hope this helps! How do you leverage YouTube or Social Media to generate revenue? Let us know in the comments.


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Written by Stephanie Rollins

Published on August 29, 2018

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