Every business needs a solid foundation with systems in place in order to function properly. Today we’re discussing 3 project management tips that will increase revenue in your business. This topic is highly requested by many individuals within the TSP community and we are excited to share this exclusive information with you today. Let’s jump right into this.

Our Marketing Manager, Stephanie Rollins sat down with the co-founder of Traffic Sales and Profit, Ronnie Tyler, to pick her brain about her expertise in project management. Ronnie is the queen of project management. Ronnie Tyler is a certified project manager, working with IBM for over 17 years, she managed software development projects that included a budget of over $30,000,000 with global teams in Australia, the UK, China, India, and Brazil.

She’s currently using her knowledge to manage product development, and also movie production and events for Tyler New Media.

Without further ado, let’s get into today’s topic.

Project Management Tips that will Increase Your Revenue


In this article:

  1. Create Systems Around Your Projects
  2. Look at what it takes to properly launch your product or service
  3. Review your projects, identify lessons learned and areas of improvement, and implement during your next launch

Create Systems Around Your Projects

3 Project Management Tips that will Increase Your Revenue


It is extremely important to create systems around your projects. If you’ve launched something, released a product, or hosted a webinar, make it a practice to create a system out of it. Here at Traffic, Sales &  Profit we use plans from previous projects and recreate them for future projects. Don’t start from scratch every time you have a launch. Create a system behind everything. This will save time and allow you to be more efficient during the next launch plan equating to more money in your business.

If you want to accomplish more in your business you need to have plans in place for things that you do multiple times. For example, we’ve launched several online courses and released online products by hosting webinars. The key to this is having a plan in place.

For instance, we launched a product last year that generated over six figures. We launched this product with a repeated webinar plan. With proper planning in place, we were able to host 11 webinars. Project plans should include everything from email schedules to webinar dates. You want to be very detailed when creating your plan so always schedule dates of completion. If you want to increase your revenue you need to create a plan.


3 Project Management Tips that will Increase Your Revenue
Look at what it takes to properly launch your product or service

Set some time aside to launch and explore the different elements that it takes to properly launch a product. Many of you have a great idea and spend a lot of time creating a product but not enough time mapping out the process for the launch. Planning, as mentioned earlier, is the most important element.

Your offer is a key component. Create an irresistible sales pitch and spend the bulk of your time planning how you will promote and launch.  You should spend about 10 percent of your overall effort in planning. If you spend more time in the planning stages you will definitely make more money on the back end.

Review your projects, identify lessons learned and areas of improvement, and implement during your next launch

One of the main things that we talk about here at TSP, and something that Lamar speaks on often, is to launch, analyze, and optimize. Host lessons learned sessions after a project has been implemented. Analyze your plans and optimize and this will make the next launch even better. Include this process in your plans.

Before launching the next thing in your business. Pause and take some time to review the last launch. Make note of things that worked and make a note of things that didn’t work. Use this session to discuss how to improve the next launch and set aside some time to gain more knowledge to improve your next launch. Attend conferences, training, and seek knowledge from others that are successful in your market.

As a reminder, you don’t have to start over. You don’t want to repeat things that didn’t do well. You definitely want to take a step back to identify your lessons learned, your areas of improvement and implement those during your next launch.

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