3 Customer Service Strategies That Will Turn Your Customers Into Brand Promoters

Written by Lamar Tyler

Published on October 11, 2017

[Customer service is still the real king in business. Read below to learn how to update and modernize customer service within your own business]

If you want a lasting, successful business, mastering the art of customer service is a must. 

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It doesn’t matter how much revenue you make or the amount of exposure you get.

Poor customer service will kill all the good hype about your business, product or service.

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Charis Jones, of Sassy Jones Boutique  is an expert in the accessories space.

Although the accessory market is oversaturated, she’s figured out a way to make her customers feel important, cared about and most importantly, loyal to her business.

I recently did an interview with Charis where she was able to identify 3 tips for maintaining good customer service that will ultimately create brand promoters for your business.

Stellar customer service is essential for any business owner and after our conversation, it was clear that the following strategies stood out the most when it comes to turning customers into promoters for your brand.

Read the 3 Customer Service (Strategies) that will Turn Your Customers Into Brand Promoters below

1. Add personal, touch points to your shipping process

Addressing your customer with a personalized message after they order from you goes a long way.

Most times, your customers already feel like they know you.  So talk to them in your voice, as you would if you took their order personally.

It will build your know-like-trust factor and create an overall better buying experience for your customer.

2. Put yourself in the customer‘s shoes

If a customer calls you with a problem or complaint, all they’re going to remember about your brand is how you treated them.

That’s it.

Not the packaging, price or how great the product started out; only how you treated them.

As a business owner, you should take the opportunity to make all of your customer interactions positive ones.

When a customer calls to complain, address their concerns sincerely and let them know that you are genuinely there to help them resolve the problem.

Put yourself in their shoes and handle the situation accordingly.

This way when a customer issue does come up, (and trust me, they will always come up) you’ll be able to retain your customer base.

3. Listen to what your customers are saying

Business owners and entrepreneurs get a lot of unsolicited feedback about how they should operate their business, but when it comes to your customers, the people that faithfully spend money with you, their suggestions could actually be valid.

Don’t take everything they say to heart, but do consider the feedback that actually applies to your business.

A loyal customer that buys from you monthly could have valuable feedback on your shipping process, website or online community.

Create a safe space for them to share their thoughts, listen to what they have to say and then implement what could benefit your business.

This will make your customers feel valued and encourage them to support, share and promote your business even more.

Remember, taking care of your customers is a priority.

It’s just as important as hitting your monthly revenue goals.

If your customers are not happy, they’ll stop doing business with you and will tell others to do the same, which will ultimately affect the success of your growth.

The customer may not always be right but it’s always your job to keep them happy.

These are our the best tips for organically creating brand promoters for your business.

Now let’s act on it.

Do me a favor and take write down 3 ways you can add a more personal touch to your business.

Maybe it’s implementing thank you notes, starting a Facebook group or talking to your customers weekly via live stream.

If you know there are gaps in your customer service process, start improving it today with our list above.

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Click below to watch the full interview with Charis below.

Talk soon.

-Lamar Tyler

Written by Lamar Tyler

Published on October 11, 2017

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  1. Jackie Brewton

    YES! I got those Thank you cards printed after receiving my order from Charis. The entire buying experience from Sassy Jones Boutique was stellar.


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