How to Get More Leads and Sales Into Your Sales Funnel

Written by Kim Tipton

Published on March 5, 2020

In order to convert more sales from your funnel, you need the right amount of traffic. Today we’re going to discuss how to get more leads and sales into your sales funnel. Our executive coach Stephanie Rollins sat down for a quick chat with Ryan McCrary to discuss everything you need to know about creating the perfect funnel to convert more sales. 

Here’s what you need to know about today’s expert: 

 Ryan McCrary also known as “The Funnel Doctor” is a former licensed investment professional turned digital marketing entrepreneur. He is currently the owner and CEO of McCrary Financial Solutions, LLC, a digital consulting company whose mission is to provide economic solutions through financial literacy and online business creation using sales funnels. He is also an investor and author of the best selling book Mind Over Money: How To Think Like An Investor and Take Care of Business First, which gives new ways to manage money and how to become a full-time entrepreneur by doing business online.

How to get more leads & sales into your sales funnel 

  1. Know the difference between a landing page and a sales funnel 
  2. Choose the right software for your company 
  3. Create an irresistible offer
  4. Analyze data and metrics 
  5. Design an amazing funnel layout 

Know the difference between a landing page and a sales funnel 

Before you create the perfect sales funnel you will need to know the difference between a landing page and a sales funnel. A landing page is a one-page site that serves as the face of your sales funnel. 

A sales funnel is your entire sales process and it consists of multiple pages. This is the story of how you get someone from a lead to becoming an actual customer. 

Choose the right software for your company

After you’ve mapped out our entire sales process you want to chose the right software for your funnel. Don’t go with what is most popular on the market. Instead, look for what really works best for your brand. Some examples are; Lead pages, Clickfunnles, and Zipify. 

Create an irresistible offer

I know you hear us mention this a lot at TSP but you must create an irresistible offer. Your offer is everything. Consider creating a free plus shipping or low dollar offer just to generate more leads. 

Analyze data and metrics

Create a document specifically for collecting data and metrics. It is important to track your progress along the way to create better practices for the future. Once you collect all the data you will be able to map out a better plan for future sales. 

Design an amazing funnel layout

The design of your funnel will make or break your conversion rate. Most funnel software comes with ready to use templates that you can edit and make your own. Be consistent with your branding throughout the funnel. Always consider using video content on your landing page. It converts more and allows people to get to know you on a personal level. 

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Written by Kim Tipton

Published on March 5, 2020

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